Save time and close more sales with Collabspot

  • Simplify data entry
  • Increase CRM adoption
  • Increase productivity

Install Collabspot


Direct CRM Access from Your Gmail Inbox

  • Accessible from the sidebar when reading or composing an email.
  • Specific action toolbar when you compose or reply to an email.
  • Upcoming tasks directly from the Gmail homepage.

Collabspot is designed to enhance sales by allowing users to keep track of and manage customer info from Gmail. Get the most out of your investment in Highrise without having to go outside of Gmail. It’s the perfect plug-in for any salesperson or any avid email user because the inbox is where things happen.

Unparallel Customer Information Access to Close More Deals

  • View details like picture, website, phone number, email, address, etc.
  • View what needs to be done.
  • View past correspondence.
  • View deals and cases.

Collabspot shows Gmail users a complete customer profile immediately upon opening an email from the customer. Instantly view customers’ contact information and past correspondences without opening Highrise.

What’s the next action?

  • Access to upcoming tasks from Gmail’s homepage.
  • Know what each customer needs as you interact with them.

You can create and manage tasks related to customers with ease. You’ll get a better picture of where you currently are in your work and what’s next to come, so you can continue your correspondences without falling off track.

Simplify data entry

  • One-click copy of emails to Highrise.
  • Automatically extract information from your emails (address, phone number, company name, and so on).
  • Seamless creation of contacts, companies, tasks and notes.

You can create new contacts and leads, log emails and notes, allowing you to keep better track of prospective clients, partners, and customers. You can save an email to Highrise with a single click without having to remember to enter a BCC-to-Highrise address.

Increase CRM adoption

  • Make the CRM omnipresent.

CRM is not always easy to adopt. Managing and keeping it updated is often seen as a burden by sales and marketing people. With Collabspot, users can integrate their CRM with where they truly spend most of their time, their inbox. It then makes it easy to get value out of the data stored in the CRM and strengthen sales delivery by adding new and updated content.