We absolutely LOVE this app! We appreciate apps like Collabspot that are simple and frictionless to use–almost like they aren’t even there. This app makes our lives easier.

Chris H. - Landscape Leadership



Collabspot has saved me thousands of clicks and hundreds of minutes, by integrating two ingenious tools that makes business life much simpler: Gmail and Highrise.

Martin M. - Serious Marketing

This is a great add-on for Highrise CRM users. Collabspot is the main reason we are using Highrise. Without this add-on, we would not be using Highrise.
I can easily view contact information, upcoming and recent activities, cases, etc. — all without even opening Highrise. I can also view the previous messages, create new Contacts and Leads, and log emails within Gmail.
In all honesty, a lot of people use Gmail, and Collabspot makes the integration between Highrise and Gmail so much easier.
It saves us a lot of time. We love it and highly recommend it.

Lewis Y. - Affordable Web Design


Collabspot has made our daily email work many times more efficient. After it is installed, there is no need to switch between windows or browser tabs to handle the CRM. You can remain focused on what you´re doing. User experience is very pleasant, everyone can learn how to use it in minutes. Collabspot have taken our CRM experience to the next level!

Teemu K. - Trainer4You



Great extension! Really like the pop-out toolbar that allows you to BCC future emails with contacts you select. Great time saving extension for email, very happy!

Dan Michael - Envato
Dan Michael

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