by Darlanne 14 Apr 2014

Customer of the Week: Lewis Yildirimturk

The never ending changes in web development are an ongoing challenge to Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc., a company that provides website design and web marketing services. "The biggest challenge is to keep up with the changes in search engines. But we always go the extra mile to make our clients happy and satisfied...

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by Laurent 08 Apr 2014

The winner of the Collabspot New Year Competition!

In January we ran the Collabspot New Year Competition, to find the most efficient emailer of 2013. You might remember that all participants got a free analysis of their email skill. Those who worked in sales positions were competing for the title and a Nexus 5 smartphone! We measured email efficiency as the rate of...

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by Nori 06 Mar 2014

Happiness Goal Report

"The goal, as a company, is to have customer service that is not just the best - but legendary." Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart Reaching our Legendary Dream We have a dream of providing you, our customers, the Legendary Customer Service. We know it will be tough. It will be a huge challenge. But we're...

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by Jeremi Joslin 25 Feb 2014

Release Notes Collabspot for SugarCRM Version 2014.02.25

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together." James Cash Penney Our team has been working hard to create new features and some fix for current bugs. Enhancement or New Features: New look: Collabspot Portal and Setup, I hope you will like it. Updated error message for clients using...

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by Jeremi Joslin 06 Feb 2014

Collabspot Release Notes

This document describes the changes made in Collabspot. Collabspot Version 2014.02.06 Enhancement or New Features: Collabspot now supports decimal (.) as currency thousand separators and comma (,) as decimal separators. US and UK are one of the few countries in the world that use a period (.) to indicate the decimal place and comma (,)...

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by Laurent Gasser 23 Jan 2014

Prove your email efficiency

Are you an email champion who gets fast replies and answers in a heartbeat? Now you can prove it! Collabspot starts the new year with a competition to find the most efficient emailer. All participants get an automatic analysis of their email performance. There is no room for vagueness. Use Collabspot Performance to measure your...

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by Jeremi Joslin 18 Oct 2013

Collabspot has a better memory now

Your Collabspot's browser extension is now able to remember to which opportunity, contact or lead you saved your email to. Before, for every email in a thread, you had to select again the list of objects you wanted to associate your email with. Now this is not needed anymore. Collabspot remembers them. For every email...

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by Ela Honoridez 01 Oct 2013

Collabspot goes to DevFest Bacolod to give 2 talks

GDayX, a community-organized event supported by Google inspired by Google GDays celebrated the first time where both GDG and GBG have been merged into one last Sept. 28, 2013 at Bacolod City, Philippines. More than the delectably and sumptuous Chrome Cake, the event had really brought the GDayX experience closer to the members of the...

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by Rochelle de Leon 25 Sep 2013

Collabspot menu changed of place

In our recent product release, we have moved your Collabspot Menu from the top Gmail Menu to the lower right side as a button (logo) as seen in the image below. We have made this move as a response to the recent changes Gmail is doing in their design. Please contact us at if...

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by Laurent Gasser 24 Aug 2013

Change of payment for our customers using Paypal

Collabspot is currently undergoing a change in its online payment gateway to enable payment by Visa, Mastercard as well as Paypal. We are closing our paypal account tomorrow, Sunday the 25th of August 2013. Existing customers who have subscribed before May 20th 2013 will need to register with our new payment gateway. We contacted by...

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by Laurent Gasser 19 Aug 2013

New presentations of Collabspot for SugarCRM

We are happy to share with you that we finally have a new slide deck and video presentations - Collabspot for SugarCRM. The presentations will quickly show you Collabspot’s main features including the latest most important updates that we have launched. Check them out here: As always, we welcome your feedback on our product and...

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by Jérémi Joslin 15 Aug 2013

Collabspot is now a certified SugarCRM apps

SugarCRM, one of the world's fastest-growing customer relationship management software company has certified a few select applications. Collabspot is proud to be a part of the list as the only Google Apps integration to be certified. In order to get certified by SugarCRM, they needed to validate a number of important factors. Let's look at...

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by Rochelle de Leon 29 Jul 2013

New Packages & More Features for SugarCRM Users, More Value for Your Money!

The word is out! We are excited to announce that we have now launched our new packages for SugarCRM users and they come with more features. Let’s quickly look at what it means for you: Premium subscribers now get contacts and calendar sync features for free. This was previously only available to VIP package subscribers....

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by John Mertic 25 Jun 2013

Enabling collaboration: crossing over the imaginary integration line

This is a guest post written by John Mertic, Solutions Architect and Community Manager at SugarCRM. I’m a big fan of the UNIX philosophy when it comes to software: build one tool to do one job, make it do that job really well and let it work with other tools to get the job done....

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by Jeremi Joslin 10 May 2013

Collabspot now synchronize your Google calendar and contacts with SugarCRM!

So now you can see your SugarCRM meetings and contacts directly from within Google. You don't even need to install anything into SugarCRM, simply give Collabspot access to your calendar, and we take care of the rest. So now you will be able to access your calendar and contacts from your mobile everywhere google is....

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by Jeremi Joslin 28 Mar 2013

We're going to SugarCon 2013!

Recently, our Gmail integration with SugarCRM made us the Sugar App of the Month for March 2013. We also successfully held a webinar hosted by the SugarCRM community that showcased how our sales email platform for Gmail provides a window to SugarCRM. In line with all these events, I'll be joining this year's SugarCon! I'll...

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by Gyi Tsakalakis 06 Mar 2013

Collabspot has turned Gmail into a fully-functional small business CRM - Gyi from AttorneySync

As a digital legal marketing agency, staying in contact with our clients, prospects and partners is critical to our ability to deliver effective results. Over the last 5 years, our CRM dance card has been quite full. I can think of at least six CRM solutions that we tried unsuccessfully to make work. In fact,...

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by Adler Santos 26 Feb 2013

The importance of solving CRM adoption for today's sales

There is divided opinion whether investing in a CRM is justified and if implementing one does bring more sales for a company. According to a survey by Gartner, Inc., the world’s largest technology research and advisory firm, more than 50 percent of CRM implementations are considered failures from the company’s point of view. On the...

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by Gina Nieves 22 Feb 2013

5 ways Collabspot helps us work faster - MarkNet Group

Figuring out how to work fast and efficiently is always on my mind. As the owner of a fast paced web development company, MarkNet Group, my team juggles multiple projects, marketing activities, sales and operations. The faster we get things done without compromising quality means a higher profit margin. One of our favorite tool sets...

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by Tim Rosenblatt 16 Feb 2013

Tim from Cloudspace on using Collabspot

Collabspot is what Highrise should have built a long time ago. It's the perfect tool for doing consultative sales -- I end up focusing on small numbers of people, and being able to easily document our discussions and schedule followups are huge for me! For my workflow, there are two killer features in the Collabspot...

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by Jeremi Joslin 08 Feb 2013

We're joining JFDI.Asia's startup accelerator!

You might have noticed in tech news this week (TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, e27,, SGEntrepreneurs) about the announcement of 8 startups who made it out of the 262 teams that applied for the 2013 JFDI.Asia accelerator program. We're one of the accepted ones! For those who don't know, JFDI.Asia operates the longest-running, most successful seed accelerator...

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by Adler Santos 07 Feb 2013

6 tips to increase CRM adoption

Start with the basic features At the start, your sales team does not have to adopt the full spectrum of features that your CRM offers. Let them start using the basic, intuitive features of the CRM such as creating or importing leads, logging customer correspondences, and creating tasks specific to prospects. These features are usually...

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by Gino Tria 01 Feb 2013

Save yourself from repetitive writing using email templates!

Today we're happy to introduce our extension's new feature: email templates. Salespeople can now save time from doing repetitive emails by using the email templates feature in Gmail Labs. This also removes the stress associated with writing the same thing over and over again, so that salespeople can focus more on personalization rather than repetition....

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by Adler Santos 30 Jan 2013

Top 5 Gmail Labs features for marketing and sales

Gmail Labs is a feature of Gmail wherein you can use experimental features before they become officially launched. Most of these potential features are developed so that the average user can save time and be more efficient in using the mailbox. This gives a better overall experience with email, as it’s now one of the...

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by Adler Santos 24 Jan 2013

How we use Highrise with Gmail and Google Apps

I'm very delighted to bring you the final post for the Highrise series of blog posts! It's about how we effectively use Highrise alongside our Gmail or Google Apps (GA) mailboxes as we communicate with our customers. The key ingredient here is our very own extension which brings Highrise in Gmail/GA, saving us time from...

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by Adler Santos 16 Jan 2013

How to create and manage Highrise tasks

Note: This is the sixth of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve leads and customers. Here are the links to the previous posts: Part 1 - How to use Highrise tags Part 2 - How to use custom fields in Highrise Part 3...

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by Adler Santos 10 Jan 2013

How to use your Highrise email dropboxes

Note: This is the fifth of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve leads and customers. Here are the links to the previous posts: Part 1 - How to use Highrise tags Part 2 - How to use custom fields in Highrise Part 3...

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by Adler Santos 09 Jan 2013

Never forget to create that Highrise task again!

Let's say you're replying to a customer's email who made an inquiry about your product. Making customers happy is always the top priority. So after replying, you plan to create a new task in Highrise to remind you to follow up on this customer to make sure that everything is going well. But while writing...

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by Adler Santos 07 Jan 2013

Write better emails and use Highrise effectively!

We're offering a free 30-day course on how to write better emails and on how you can start using 37signals Highrise CRM effectively. You will receive exactly 8 emails over the course of a month about the following topics: - How to write better sales emails - What tools to use for email analytics -...

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by Adler Santos 02 Jan 2013

How to use deals and cases in Highrise

Note: This is the fourth of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve leads and customers. The first three posts are here, here, and here. In Highrise, cases and deals are used to group information based on a specific matter such as a project,...

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by Adler Santos 31 Dec 2012

A happy new 2013 to all!

In behalf of the Collabspot team, we wish you all a happy new year! 2012 has been a remarkable year for us here in Collabspot and we would like to thank everyone who made it all possible. As we hope for better things to come this 2013, let us not forget those who are in...

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by Adler Santos 23 Dec 2012

How to easily capture contacts for Highrise

Note: This is the third of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve prospects. The first two posts are here and here. The current post is about how to easily capture contacts for Highrise. With all the contact info that needs to be filled...

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by Adler Santos 12 Dec 2012

How to use custom fields in Highrise

Note: This is the second of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve prospects. In Highrise, custom fields allow you to customize your Highrise data beyond the standard fields that are given by default. Use custom fields to create filters for subcategories, e.g. category...

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by Adler Santos 06 Dec 2012

How to use Highrise tags

Note: This is the first of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and to better serve prospects. In Collabspot, we use Highrise tags to create instant or one-click filters of your contacts by categories. Here are five (5) relevant categories that tags can be grouped into....

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by Jeremi Joslin 27 Nov 2012

Extracting more contact details from emails

We released a new update today that introduces capturing more data from an email. Earlier, when you were creating a contact using Collabspot, we would automatically fill the first name, last name, company name, and email address. Today we are adding two new fields that are extracted from the email: phone number and postal address....

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by Jeremi Joslin 23 Nov 2012

You can now search and view Highrise contacts from Gmail

I’m happy to announce that we just released a feature that will make your use of Collabspot even more productive. From the sidebar, you can now search and view Highrise contacts from Gmail. Here are a few use cases that will be improved: A customer is calling you while you have Gmail open. You just...

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by Jeremi Joslin 20 Nov 2012

New UI, new video, and other updates

As promised a few days ago, we now come back with some big updates for the extension. New UI design and new logo The new UI is a result of our effort to make all the information displayed by the extension easier to recognize and to navigate. We used different colors to designate different types...

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by Jeremi Joslin 14 Nov 2012

New website, new logo, and happy users

This has been an incredible week at Collabspot. We just won the Google Apps Developer Contest in the business category earlier this week. And today, we are changing our website, our logo, and our name. So here is our new logo : Collabspot Insights will now be renamed to Collabspot. The development services we were...

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by Adler Santos 06 Nov 2012

8 ways to write better emails

1. Promise value in the subject line and deliver exactly what you promised in the email body. A typical internet user gets around 30-50 emails per day. Only a handful of these emails will actually be read, and most will go to the trash. An email's subject line is the first, and can possibly be...

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by Adler Santos 23 Oct 2012

Why do most CRM implementations fail?

Companies that are going for web-based services now have a variety of customer relationship management (CRM) systems to choose from. These range from the 800-pound gorilla such as Salesforce, to the simple offerings of 37signals Highrise. But the problem is not only choosing the right CRM for the company but also other aspects such as...

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by John del Rosario 11 Sep 2012

Setting up PHP and WordPress on Nginx

Introduction In this post we'll install PHP5 and Wordpress and serve it with Nginx. This post assumes we've already set up Nginx. For our PHP projects, we want the same structure as our Python projects: /var/www/ `- php-project/ |- src/ |- conf/ | |- php-fpm.conf | `- nginx.conf `- logs/ Install PHP and FPM We...

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by 06 Sep 2012

Making CollabSpot Boards available to Gmail users via Auth

Introduction CollabSpot Boards (CS Boards) is project management tool integrated with Google Apps. It was first offered only to Google Apps users. But months after the launch, it was also made available to Gmail users. In principle, opening the service to Gmail users wasn't supposed to be difficult since it was already available for Google...

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by Jeremi Joslin 23 Aug 2012

How do you find your Highrise API token?

If you want to use one of our Highrise applications (the Google Apps Highrise Gadget or the Chrome extension), you will need to find your Highrise API token. You can find it by following the steps below: First, you need to log in to your existing Highrise account. In the upper right corner, click on...

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by Adler Santos 22 Aug 2012

A/B testing with Google Analytics Content Experiments

Introduction The Google Web Optimizer has recently been incorporated into Google Analytics and is now called Google Analytics Content Experiments (GACE). This blog post will show how we've set up A/B testing in GACE for our company homepage. Our goal for the experiment is to promote CollabSpot Boards to the visitors of our homepage. We'll...

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by 14 Aug 2012

Setting up Nginx + uWSGI Emperor to host Python applications on Ubuntu 12.04

This is the first of many posts on how our server is set up to serve Python web applications and others. For this post, we'll focus on setting up Nginx and uWSGI and getting a bare-bones Django application running and served by Nginx. Installing Nginx Nginx is available in the Ubuntu software repositories, so installing...

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by 12 Aug 2012

CollabSpot Boards in the GDG DevFest Philippines

The GDG DevFest The first ever Google Developer Group (GDG) DevFest in the Philippines happened last August 4, 2012. It was held in the Asian Institute of Management in Metro Manila, a renowned business school in Southeast Asia. I, along with fellow CollabSpot developer Gino Tria, were invited to speak in the said event. We...

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by 24 Jul 2012

Scheduled Reports with CRON for App Engine

Introduction It is important for web developers to regularly keep track of how their application is being used by their customers. This allows them to have sound decisions on what improvements need to be added for future releases. This post will show how to set up scheduled reports in Google App Engine running in Python....

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by John del Rosario 17 Jul 2012

Creating PayPal IPN Handlers with Tornado

What is IPN? Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is PayPal's message service that sends a notification when a transaction is affected. Basically, once a PayPal transaction happens, it sends a notification to a handler you specify, with all the information and variables you need to handle that event in your application. Check out PayPal's official docs...

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